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Engineering & Design

At American Cap Company, LLC, our cap engineering and design services are backed up by 25+ years of experience as a manufacturer of industry’s finest gas cylinder caps and accessories. We have a strong presence in the OCTG and industrial gas markets and provide high-integrity solutions that meet the strict code requirements and industry standards related to devices for industrial, compressed, and specialty gas cylinders. Serving customers in North American and international locations, we offer value-driven engineering of gas cylinder caps that exceed your expectations in terms of quality, performance, and economy.

We work closely with you to gain a solid understanding of your application. Our engineering team uses the latest versions of powerful software programs to ensure the design fulfills all of your performance expectations and any associated regulatory requirements. We develop manufacturing processes that include methods such as forging, screw machining, or injection molding, depending on desired performance characteristics, material, estimated production volumes, and other factors. In addition, we specify finishing methods, marking requirements, assembly steps, and quality analytics. Testing techniques include optical comparator and gauging systems, CMM inspection, hardness testing, materials testing, and more to provide all the assurance and documentation needed to confirm the quality and integrity of your products.

As a world leader in the manufacture of compressed gas cylinder caps and other cylinder components, we have the experience and certifications to support any application. We are single-minded in our commitment to provide robust, quality-engineered, and cost-conscious solutions that succeed at every level of safety and performance. contact us today to learn more about our cap design and engineering capabilities.

Cap Engineering & Design Highlights

General Capabilities
Screw Machining
Powder Coating
Injection Molding
Assembly Services
Material Applications
Industry Applications
Compressed Gas
Disposable Medical Supply
Oil & Gas
Heavy Equipment
Instron (Satec) MATS II Material Testing
Rockwell Testing
Optical Comparator
Gauging Systems
Standards Met
ISO 9001
ISO 1117
CSA B340
DOT CFR 49, 173.301 (h)(1)
Canada CAN/CSA
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AutoCAD 2017
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